Brant & Son, Inc.

Florida’s Premier Insulation and Acoustic Ceiling Contractor

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Brant & Son, Inc.

Florida’s Premier Insulation and Acoustic Ceiling Contractor

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Brant & Son, Inc.

Florida’s Premier Insulation and Acoustic Ceiling Contractor

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Providing Comfort and Green Energy Efficiency to Central Florida Residents Since 1986

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In the early 1950s, Brant Brothers was founded and stood as one of Central Florida’s pioneers in insulation and lathing. As a partial buyout from Brant Brothers in March of 1986, Brant & Son, Inc. was born. To this day, we’ve remained family-owned-and-operated. We are honored to continue providing thermal and acoustic ceiling solutions to residential and commercial customers alike; and we pride ourselves on customer service, quality, transparency, and green energy solutions.

Our Services

Rebate Program

Vetted, selected and approved. Brant & Son, Inc. are proud to announce their partnership with a local energy provider’s rebate program. Brant & Son, Inc. are honored to be selected for this program, as it provides us with the opportunity to provide savings and peace of mind to our qualified customers.

Blown-in Insulation

Blown-in insulation is commonly used in the attic; and provides noteworthy benefits that should be considered; such as: acting as a thermal filter, retaining cooler temperatures in your home during the warmer months, and retaining warmer temperatures in your home during the cooler months. These benefits are quite substantial; as they will increase the lifespan of your air conditioning unit, thus lowering your energy bill.

Have you noticed any of the following:

  • Higher energy bill?
  • Hot or muggy spots in your home?
  • Visible insulation depletion?
  • Water damage, mold, or pest issues? Your insulation may need to be removed!

Batt Insulation

Batt insulation comes in faced and unfaced configurations; faced meaning it contains a vapor retardant on the backside, and unfaced not. Don’t worry—batt insulation functions just the same as blown-in insulation, albeit with a few more benefits:

  • Longer lifespan, as the product does not settle
  • Commonly used in new home construction partition walls to aid in sound reduction
  • Not loose material

Specialty Foams

Open, Closed or even Block Foam, Brant & Son, Inc. have you covered. Spray Foam insulation has the following benefits:

  • Spray foam insulation displays its functionality best when all perimeter walls and ceilings are covered. Much like a cooler with its lid shut, the home is fully encapsulated and doesn’t provide much opportunity for cold air to escape.

Acoustic Ceilings

Brant & Son, Inc. have a substantial portfolio, including office buildings, schools, warehouses, retail and even health care facilities. Brant & Son, Inc. proudly use Armstrong and USG Products.

Our team

From One Legacy to the Next

No other company commits to and delivers positive results like we do!

  • Tim Brant -President and CEO
  • Ralph Brant - Vice-President
  • Christina Brant Davis - Corporate Secretary and Residential Specialist
  • Matthew Davis - Business Manager
  • Cryss Martin - Office Manager and Employee Relations

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